About us


Zenika was created in France in 2006. It now has over 290 employees spread across 6 French cities  and Singapore.
The name “Zenika” is an anagram of “kaizen”, a Japanese business philosophy based on continuous improvement of working practices.
We are a Software Development company which mission is to drive change via IT innovation. Our consultants are passionate developers. Many of them have written books, do opensource contributions, teach classes and speak at popular Meetups/Conferences.

Zenika has opened its Singapore division in August 2016. Our Singapore team has been growing steadily in the past few months and we will reach the 10-people milestone by mid-2017. We are currently working on several engagements involving Java/Spring, AngularJS2, microservices, CI/CD, ElasticSearch…
Besides our commercial engagements, we are actually involved in the Singapore Developers community. We have founded the Singapore Java User Group and are co-organising the first conference in Singapore for Java/JVM developers that will take place in June at the Marina Bay Sands.

Why us?

  • We are the official Spring Trainers
  • We have certified Project Managers and Scrum Masters
  • Our people are respectable members of the IT community
  • We have highly trained people that are experts in Java/JEE
  • Our people have proven on field experience
  • We have experience in large projects
  • We can take your business to the next level with no hidden costs
  • We belond to a network of more that 200 developers world wide

Our Skills

JAVA/Spring - 100%
Docker - 100%
ElasticSearch - 100%
Jenkins - 100%

JavaScript / AngularJS / React - 100%

Our Values

When we set up Zenika, we had in mind the kind of company that we would have liked to work in when we were consultants – a community of experts sharing the following values:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Technological expertise
  • The spreading of knowledge
  • The 2.0 company: the consultant at the heart of the business
  • Quality after-sales service

Kaizen, or continuous improvement, written into our DNA

The word “kaizen” is the combination of two Japanese words “kai” and “zen” which mean respectively “change” and “good”. Kaizen is one of the 14 principles which are to be found in Lean methodology. By choosing the name “Zenika” – an anagram of “kaizen” – we firmly wrote this concept of continuous improvement into our genetic code.

At the cutting edge of technological expertise

Technical knowledge has a limited shelf life! With this in mind and still in keeping with the continuous improvement spirit, the Zenika expert is at the centre of three fundamental activities: consulting, development and training. This triple competence makes it possible to better master the multiple facets of a particular technology in order to adapt it to the client’s needs.

Zenika’s commitment to the spreading of knowledge

Constantly keeping knowledge up to date is one of the pillars of continuous improvement. This explains why Zenika invests in and is totally committed to the spreading of knowledge.

  • Since the end of 2008 we've organized conferences given by internationally-recognized speakers in the range of 20 conferences a year.
  • Our consultants benefit from time dedicated to R&D and the production of blogs or the creation of user groups.
  • We sponsor conferences and industry events.
  • We contribute to Open Source projects.
  • On the first Wednesday of each month we organize our ZenLabs during which our consultants share in-house their knowledge regarding technology and associated themes.

A 2.0 company model

Openness is an integral part of our relationship with our consultants. We involve them deeply in the logic of continuous improvement, in the relationship with our clients and in the amount of business that they generate as well as in their career development within the company.

Each one of our consultants enjoys:

  • performance-based bonuses
  • professional language training
  • a company iPhone with an unlimited internal call package

Our partners

We work with some of the best in the business. Professional services delivered on time.

  • docker
  • Cloudbees
  • elasticsearch


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